Not your grandmother's geolocator!

The fastest, most accurate IP geolocation system in the universe. Built by professionals. Freely distributed.


Download latest version here.


Javadocs (Java class documentation) available here.

More documentation available soon.


All development effort is concentrated on the SourceForge development site.

If you like to live on the bleeding edge, you can try using the latest version from version control (CVS) rather than downloading a full release. CVS versions may include features that don't make it into a full release for a while, and as such are usually less stable. We don't recommend using the CVS version for production systems.

This project's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

cvs login

cvs co javainetlocator

An introduction to CVS can be found here.

If you have developer access to the project (i.e. you're one of these people), you can check out a working copy of the repository like this:

cvs co javainetlocator

Where user is your sourceforge login name.

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Pretty flags

Here's your flag:

Feel free to use this code within your own site. Here's the HTML:

<img alt="" height="16" width="16" src="" />

Unfortunately, the flag code wasn't achieved using the Java or ColdFusion code (SourceForge doesn't offer either as a server-side option), but with some plain old CGI scipting, based on a sister project to this one, named IP::Country. Logo